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About Us
MyHiringClub.com is the Asia’s & Gulf/Middle East's first and largest recruitment tendering platform. MyHiringClub.com enables employers to centrally manage all their recruitment suppliers and put their vacancies out for tender anonymously, and for free, ensuring that they are always working with the best suppliers and on their own terms. Recruitment suppliers, on the other hand, get access to an unparalleled stream of vacancies and new client relationships. MyHiringClub.com was launched in Aug 2007 with the vision to improve the efficiency and quality of the recruitment process. Through thousands of transactions we have developed a deep understanding of what makes the recruitment process great rather than just good. At the core of our business is an extremely effective marketplace that matches employers with the right suppliers. We also guarantee that a fair, market-clearing fee is paid. MyHiringClub.com is based on a success-only fee, so no money is exchanged until a successful placement is made. Hundreds of employers of all sizes and across all industries are entrusting their vacancies to MyHiringClub.com and are filling them faster than ever before.

For employers, MyHiringClub.com is the 21-st century’s solution to the static and out-dated recruitment process. MyHiringClub.com is a full vendor management system that allows employers to centrally manage all of their recruitment supplier relationships whilst offering a unique tool to easily manage their performance. And if the MyHiringClub.com fails to fill a vacancy, it is easily opened up to the marketplace offering a much further candidate reach. Additionally, MyHiringClub.com gives employers complete control over their hiring budget by enabling them to set their recruitment fee of choice.

For recruitment suppliers MyHiringClub.com opens new ways to engage with clients, work on more vacancies and make more placements. Ultimately, MyHiringClub.com acts as an outsourced sales force - dramatically reducing the time and resources spent on marketing and business development. To increase efficiency in the recruitment process, MyHiringClub.com also gives recruiters a channel to directly communicate with each employer.
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